Unit 6: Born With A Mic Question Preview (ID: 42175)

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in agreement
a) o-o
b) orthodox
c) ogdoad
d) chalkdown

take care for; nourish
a) woopie
b) wabbit
c) nurture
d) snollygoster

a story
a) picture
b) narrative
c) zopissa
d) wayzgoose

of or like a mother
a) maternal
b) onolarty
c) pooter
d) sesquipedailan

To figure out
a) fathom
b) misunderstood
c) didi
d) erf

first public appearance
a) fight
b) trout
c) ending
d) debut

to stand up to
a) not sit
b) avoid
c) confront
d) disgust

most intense moment
a) peak
b) climax
c) bottom
d) chiliad

try to satisfy the needs of
a) cater
b) ignore
c) cerulean
d) water

smart and careful
a) sweet tea
b) gullible
c) glaceau
d) canny

a) lazania
b) banana
c) bewildered
d) matrimony

a) hot pockets
b) authentic
c) spongebob
d) cheese

great skill or ability
a) prowess
b) peacock
c) potatoes
d) garlic

to trap catch or get
a) razzia
b) snare
c) scrippage
d) serac

to mess with
a) thaumatrope
b) thalassic
c) tamper
d) taniwha

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