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The Spanish Requirement of 1513 was:
a) The treaty that ended the Thirty Years War
b) The procedure used for building all Spanish ships traveling to the New World
c) A document that allowed the Spanish to take land from Native Americans that did not convert to Catholicism.
d) none of these

This was the European first explorer to circumnavigate the globe.
a) de Soto
b) Ponce de Leon
c) Magellan
d) Columbus

A privateer was:
a) A pirate hired by a nation to steal from other countries
b) A merchant that was against being taxed by the empire
c) A fighter in the American Revolution
d) a Native American hired to work for the British Navy

The British Empire became the most powerful navy in the world after:
a) The defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588
b) The beginning of the Protestant Reformation
c) The Formation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629
d) The discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus

A monopoly is when:
a) Anyone can buy or sell a specific good or service
b) When an individual or nation has complete control of the sale of a specific good
c) The Spanish forced Native Americans to convert to Catholicism
d) A nation declares war with the intent of destroying the other nations cuture

The main goal of the Spanish Conquest was
a) End of the British Empire
b) God, Gold, and Glory
c) Competing with Russian Emperialism
d) Spreading the Protestant Reformation

Which of the following is NOT an example of the idea of humanism as expressed during the Renaissance?
a) Art that depicts human emotions such as joy and suffering
b) Focusing one's education primarily on the teachings of the church
c) Using art to depict secular scenes from everyday life
d) Going to school to be educated in a trade such as weaving

Which of the following is NOT a cause of the Renaissance?
a) Destruction of the feudal system due to population loss from the plague
b) Creation of the Church of England during the reign of Henry VIII
c) Increased trade in goods
d) increased reading of Greek and Roman Classics due to the invention of the printing press

Renaissance differs from medieval art primarily in that:
a) Medieval art was funded by the wealthy land owners while the renaissance made art available to everyone
b) Renaissance art was primarily done on stain glass while medieval art was more frequently painted
c) Medieval art is solely religious whereas Renaissance art is more secular
d) Medieval art focused on presenting humanism

The inquisition was:
a) A method the Catholic Church used to catch, try, and torture heretics of the faith
b) A festival created to celebrate the art of the Renaissance
c) The war fought between the English and the Dutch between 1652-1674
d) none of these

The primary cause of the Thirty Years War was:
a) Religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants throughout the Holy Roman Empire
b) Religious conflict between Muslims and Christians in Spain
c) Unchecked imperialism coupled with alliances between France and England
d) none of these

Tomatoes, Corn, and Tobacco are all goods that Europe received as a result of:
a) The Protestant Reformation
b) The Renaissance
c) The scientific revolution
d) The Columbian Exchange

One of the major differences between Catholics and Protestants is
a) Protestants do not believe in the Old Testament
b) Catholics go to a priest to confess their sins
c) Protestants go to a priest to confess their sins
d) Protestants do not attend church

Who wrote the 95 Thesis
a) Henry VIII
b) Pope Leo X
c) Martin Luther
d) Magellin

Which of the following is Not a major effect of the invention of the printing press?
a) The bible could not be widely read and translated into languages other than Latin
b) the prevention of the Black Plague from wiping out all of humanity
c) Increased study of humanism and the classical arts such as Greek and Latin poetry
d) The widespread transmission of knowledge that would help make the enlightenment possible

Henry VIII established the Anglican church because:
a) He wanted to become the pope
b) He could not understand the church services done in Latin
c) He did not support the crusades
d) The Catholic church would not accept his divorce

One of the major problems that Martin Luther had with the Catholic Church was:
a) It was based in Italy
b) The selling of indulgences
c) Their support for the crusades
d) They supported the bible being translated into different languages

Clergy is defined as
a) Someone who has converted to protestantism
b) Anyone who works for the church
c) A soldier for the Holy Roman Empire
d) a Catholic priest

John Calvin was
a) A leader of the protestant reformation
b) The king that ruled over England during the French and Indian War
c) A Spanish conquistador
d) a catholic priest who viciously attacked the teachings of Martin Luther

The Middle passage was:
a) The currents Europeans discovered that made traveling to the Americas easier
b) The voyage African slaves experience on their way to the Americas
c) The area around Central America used to build the Panama Canal
d) The final voyage of Christopher Columbus

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