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what are the six \
a) drug,dose,patient,route,time,efficacy
b) drug,dose,patient,route,time,efficacy
c) drug,dose,patient,route,time,documentation
d) drug,dose,route,time,efficacy,antidote

once the nurse has followed the six rights, has he/she completed their task?
a) yes, as long as the nurse follows the 6 rights, there is nothing to worry about
d) no, the nurse is still responsible to watch the patient for any reactions

can you still administer a drug that is contra-indicated in a patient as long as you follow the 6 rights?
a) yes
d) no

who does not participate in \
a) pharmacist
b) nurse assistant
c) nurse
d) doctor

who\'s responsibility is it to observe the patient\'s response to a drug that\'s been given?
a) nurse
b) patient care tech
c) doctor
d) nurse assistant

who is responsible for drug interactions?
a) doctor
b) pharmaceutical company
c) pharmacist
d) nurse

A physician orders a scan with iodone stat. the pharmacist fills it and gives it to you. you notice the pt. has an allergy tag for iodine. do you still administer it?
a) yes, both the doctor and the pharmacist are licensed and know what they\'re doing
d) no, as patient advocate, the nurse is the last line of defense for mistakes

A patient comes into the ER with an acute asthma attack. Do you need baseline vitals or administer medication first?
a) the doctor decides
b) none of these
c) get baseline vitals
d) administer medication first

which of these are not 1 of the 3 goals of assessment for drug therapy?
a) assessing the patient's capacity for self care
b) identifying high risk patients
c) collecting baseline data
d) making sure systolic BP is >/= 90

baseline data is needed only to evaluate drug responses that are adverse, not therapeutic.
a) true
b) false

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