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Current capital of Vietnam, located in North Vietnam.
a) Hanoi
b) Saigon
c) Ho Chi Minh City
d) Beijing

irregular warfare with small-group combatants using ambushes, raids, hit-and-run tactics to fight a larger force.
a) Agent Orange
b) Napalm
c) Truman Doctrine
d) Guerrilla Warfare

Political and social freedom and equality.
a) Socialism
b) Civil Rights
c) Truman Doctrine
d) Agent Orange

An informal lecture and discussion or series of lectures on a subject of public interest.
a) Napalm
b) Counterculture
c) Teach-In
d) Agent Orange

Now, Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam, former capital of French Indochina.
a) Hanoi
b) Saigon
c) Beijing
d) Naha

a defoliant (removes leaves) chemical used by the US in the Vietnam War.
a) Napalm
b) Agent Orange
c) Zyklon B
d) Atomic Weapons

Which of the follow is not considered a step that led to the Vietnam War.
a) Training South Vietnamese Soldiers
b) US control of South Vietnam
c) Expansion of Cambodian Troops
d) Aid to French

Who was the senator that helped to produce the second Red Scare in the US?
a) Douglas MacArthur
b) Joseph McCarthy
c) Robert Kennedy
d) Ethan Kargne

Truman did not want to see another communist victory in Asia and sent aid to which country that had colonized Vietnam?
a) Japan
b) Germany
c) Great Britain
d) France

Which president to send 15,000 “advisors” by 1963.
a) Kennedy
b) Truman
c) Johnson
d) Eisenhower

On Aug. 2nd, 1964, this president faced his first test in Vietnam when the USS Maddox was fired on.
a) Kennedy
b) Truman
c) Johnson
d) Eisenhower

What legislation authorized LBJ to “take all necessary measures to repeal any armed attack.”?
a) Tonkin Gulf Resolution
b) War Powers Resolution
c) Monroe Doctrine
d) Truman Doctrine

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.
a) Supply-Side Economics
b) “youth culture”
c) Affirmative Action
d) Title IX

Leader of the independence movement embraced communism and had Soviet support.
a) Pham Van Duc
b) Ho Chi Minh
c) Do Van Tien
d) Le Thi Lam

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