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What is the highest mountain in Africa?
a) Mt. Rushmore
b) Mt. Kilimanjaro
c) Rockie Mountains
d) Mt. Fuji

In what direction does the Nile River flow?
a) north to south
b) south to north
c) east to west
d) west to east

The Nile River empties into this sea:
a) Red Sea
b) Black Sea
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Chicken of the Sea

The largest valley in the world is located in Africa. What is it?
a) The Great Rift Valley
b) The Ramap Valley
c) The Nile River Estuary Valley
d) The Congo River Valley

This ocean is off the east coast of Africa.
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Southern Ocean
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Indian Ocean

This ocean is off the west coast of Africa.
a) Southern Ocean
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Atlantic Ocean
d) Indian Ocean

What is the source of the Nile River?
a) Lake Victoria
b) Lake Chad
c) Red Sea
d) Black Sea

The mouth of the Nile River is located in this country:
a) Angola
b) Chad
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Egypt

The equator runs through central Africa. This makes much of Africa’s climate __________.
a) Tropical
b) Snowy
c) Cold
d) Windy

A large landform in Northern Africa. It spreads form the east coast to the west coast and is very hot and dry:
a) Kalahari desert
b) Sahel
c) Rain Forest
d) Sahara Desert

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