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What 3 trails left Independence Missouri?
a) Santa Fe, California, Oregon
b) Santa Fe, Mormon, California
c) California, Trail of Tears, Oregon
d) Oregon, Mormon, Cumberland

In what state was gold discovered in 1848?
a) Oregon
b) Texas
c) California
d) Utah

What was the idea of a God given right to expand west called?
a) Decree
b) Land ordinance
c) Manifest Destiny
d) Westward Expansio

Most Americans moved west to
a) start a new life
b) settle with the natives
c) vote
d) get rich quick

What two men explore the Louisiana Territory?
a) Lewis and Washington
b) Adams and Clark
c) Lewis and Clark
d) Clark and Washington

From what country did the US purchase Louisiana?
a) France
b) Spain
c) England
d) Russia

This state won its Independence at the Battle of San Jacinto?
a) Texas
b) Missouri
c) California
d) Oregon

What country did the US win a war with to gain the Southwestern states?
a) Spain
b) Mexico
c) England
d) France

What trail led to rich farmlands of the northwest?
a) California
b) Oregon
c) Mormon
d) Santa Fe

This new land expanded the US and led to the civil war because this issue could no longer be avoined?
a) slavery
b) taxation
c) the right to vote
d) native american rights

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