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Rolling clay into a snake shape is known as a clay
a) snake
b) roll
c) coil
d) rope

Watery clay used to glue pieces of clay together is called
a) muck
b) mud
c) slip
d) wet clay

a tInt is
a) lighter than the original color
b) darker than the original color
c) neon
d) deep

Which of the following is not a component of a landscape?
a) foreground
b) background
c) space
d) middleground

An artist known for his surreal, dream-like paintings is
a) Picasso
b) Monet
c) Paul Klee
d) Renee Magritte

What is rotational symmetry
a) Symmetry that looks the same after a number of rotations
b) a symmetrical circle
c) a shape that has even sides
d) something that is not symmetrical

Neutral colors are
a) Red, orange and yellow
b) Blue, green and purple
c) White and Black
d) Browns, grays and tans

Colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel are
a) Friends
b) Compimentary
c) The same
d) Warm Colors

Which of the following materials can be blended?
a) Oil Pastels
b) Watercolor Paints
c) Chalk Pastels
d) All of the above

Drawing with oil pastel and then painting over it with watercolor is known as
a) A trick technique
b) Resist Technique
c) Covering Technique
d) Coloring Technique

A design made up of small sections of pattern is known as a
a) Pattern
b) Landscape
c) Design
d) Zentangle

The device used to ink a printing plate is called a
a) Brayer
b) Brush
c) Cloth
d) Sponde

A collage is made by
a) combining different papers to make an image or design
b) Using bold brush strokes
c) Mixing glue and paint
d) With Clay

A picture made of small squares is a
a) Mosaic
b) Tile Picture
c) Abstract Painting
d) Realistic picture

Positive and Negative space are part of the
a) drawing techniques
b) cubism characteristics
c) history of art
d) Elements of art

Coloring from dark to light, often to show shape or depth, is known as
a) Coloring
b) Fading
c) Shading
d) Smoothing

Which of the following is NOT a pen and ink technique?
a) Stippling
b) Diagonal cross hatch
c) Horizontal cross hatch
d) Blending

Wet on Wet painting can be used with
a) Watercolor paints
b) Acrylic paints
c) Oil Paints
d) All of the above

Bold, visable brush strokes are characteristic of which artist?
a) Degas
b) Picasso
c) Van Gogh
d) Frida Kahlo

Having one color transition smoothly into the next is called
a) Painting
b) Blending
c) Shading
d) Shadowing

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