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The atmosphere is:
a) the gases that surround the Earth, protecting life and providing key resources.
b) all of the waters of the Earth, including oceans, lakes and rivers.
c) all of the ecosystems of the Earth, including living and nonliving components.
d) all of the rocks, minerals and mineral resources found on Earth.

Farmers in dry areas irrigate the land. What does this do?
a) It provides plants with the water they need, allowing for extra water in dry areas and avoiding wasting water in wetter areas
b) It increases the amount of fresh water available to the rest of the population.
c) It allows plants in wetter areas of the country to dry out so they can continue to grow.
d) It allows farmers to save money and still increase the amount of water they use.

Over 70% of the world is made up of water, so we have plenty of fresh water to use. Which of the following is true as it pertains to that statement.
a) It is correct.
b) It is incorrect because most of the water on Earth is salt water.
c) It is incorrect because most water on Earth is frozen in glaciers.
d) It is incorrect because it fails to take into account how much water the average human uses on a daily basis.

Which term is used to describe heat transfer from one substance to another?
a) Exothermic
b) Radiation
c) Conduction
d) Endothermic

Which of the following best explains why when the cougar population increases, the deer mouse population also increases?
a) Deer mice eat grass seeds and when more mice eat more grass, the deer don't have as much to eat. Then the cougars increase.
b) With more cougars eating more deer, the grass becomes more plentiful. Deer mouse population goes up because they eat grass.
c) As cougar population increases, deer decreases. This means there is less grass for deer to feed on and more for the mice.
d) Both deer and mice eat grass. When both are eating, there is less grass growing. Cougars take advantage and eat more deer.

Earthquakes release a large amount of energy in the Earth's crust. Where does this energy come from?
a) intense radiation from the Sun
b) strong water currents in the ocean
c) the movement of tectonic plates
d) the gravitational attraction of the Moon

Which of the following features form along convergent plate boundaries?
a) Mountains
b) Roads
c) Lakes
d) Sand

Asexual reproduction is used to do all but one of the following. Which one is it?
a) grow
b) produce gametes
c) make new organisms
d) replace old or damaged parts

A gamete contains __ the number of chromosomes of a normal body cell in an organism.
a) four times
b) twice
c) all
d) half

Which of the following is NOT a function of the stems of at least some plants?
a) supporting parts of the plant that are above the ground
b) collecting water and minerals
c) storing food
d) allowing movement of materials between roots and leaves

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