ECE Ch 19 Approaches To Teaching And Learning Test Review Question Preview (ID: 42135)

Review Over Approaches To Teaching And Learning.[print questions]

Dr. Ben Bloom said there are different levels of thinking skills, from easy to complex. His ranked system is called
a) Ben's Brain Levels
b) Bloom's Taxonomy
c) The Reggio Emilia approach
d) Multiple Intelligences

This type of questioning requires more than just a yes or no answer.
a) open ended questions
b) close ended questions
c) theme based questions
d) project based questions

All of the following are ways to reflect diversity in schools EXCEPT
a) Make children only speak English so they will learn it better
b) employ varied staff
c) feature music from different cultures
d) make all classroom areas accessible to those with differing abilities

one central topic of focus
a) curriculum
b) objective
c) outcome
d) theme

Detailed, written explanation of an activity that promotes learning
a) curriculum
b) lesson plan
c) teaching style
d) core learning skills

This part of the lesson plan briefly states the purpose of the lesson; sometimes referred to as Learning Target
a) learning target
b) warm up/introduction
c) evaluation
d) objective

This approach allows kids to use projects to explore learning in developmentally appropriate ways
a) Reggio Emilia approach
b) project approach
c) theme approach
d) Blooms Taxonomy approach

The experiences and activities that support and guide learning
a) curriculum
b) lesson plan
c) Bloom's Taxonomy
d) teachable moments

Build upon knowledge/skills already learned
a) intentional teaching
b) teachable moment
c) project approach
d) scaffolding

____interactions with peers, adults, and materials add to a child's knowledge.
a) playful
b) structured
c) musical
d) intentional

This helps with peer learning
a) grouping
b) candy
c) social skills
d) open ended materials

Items that can be used in a variety of ways, with no single outcome
a) manipulatives
b) objectives
c) open ended materials
d) close ended materials

Structured materials that have an expected outcome
a) open ended materials
b) close ended materials
c) objectives
d) manipulatives

This dude believes people vary in terms of intelligence and learning strengths; said we have multiple intelligence types
a) Abraham Maslow
b) Howard Gardner
c) Sigmund Freud
d) Jean Piaget

The characteristics of this learning style usually involves learning by listening or hearing information
a) visual
b) social
c) kinesthetic
d) auditory

The characteristics of this learning style usually involves pairing learning with body movements
a) kinesthetic
b) tactile
c) social
d) visual

The characteristics of this learning style usually involves learning by using pics/images
a) photographic
b) visual
c) tactile
d) auditory

Caregivers/Teachers must take into account _____ children learn when planning to teach them.
a) what
b) how
c) when
d) where

Children learn by all of the following EXCEPT
a) by doing
b) by using their senses
c) with strict discipline
d) with positive reinforcement

Toys or materials that kids can handle and/or change with their hands
a) open ended materials
b) manipulatives
c) scaffolding
d) handibles

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