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Science Review For 5th Grade. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

You set up an experiment to find out how plants grow in crowded conditions. You set up two cartons with soil, seeds, and water. What is the one variable that you should change?
a) type of soil
b) number of seeds
c) amount of water
d) amount of sunlight

You want to find the mass of an animal. Which unit could you measure it in?
a) degrees
b) square inches
c) kilometers
d) kilograms

What organs help you digest food?
a) mouth, stomach, small intestine, large intestine
b) mouth, stomach, appendix, kidney
c) stomach, small intestine, heart
d) stomach, small intestine, large intestine, lungs

What is one way that the respiratory and circulatory systems work together?
a) Blood carries oxygen to the lungs.
b) Blood carries oxygen from the lungs.
c) The lungs push blood around the body.
d) The lungs pull blood toward them.

What does a plant need to make its food?
a) sugar, sunlight, and dirt
b) sugar, water, and carbon dioxide
c) sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide
d) sunlight, water, and dirt

Like all living things, trees need water. Where does a tree get most of its water?
a) Pools of rainwater collect on the leaves.
b) The trunk soaks up rainwater.
c) Streams of water run down branches.
d) Roots soak up water from the soil.

What's one way that plants help people?
a) The add oxygen to the air.
b) They add carbon dioxide to the air.
c) The add oxygen to the soil.
d) They add carbon dioxide to the soil.

Your teacher challenges you to design an experiment that needed a balance. Which of these would do it?
a) Compare the buoyancy of two types of clay.
b) Compare the sliding speed of two snails.
c) Compare the friction created by two rolling toy cars.
d) Compare the mass of two types of rocks.

What is a producer?
a) It creates its own food from the sun's energy.
b) It creates records
c) An animal
d) None of the above.

If an orange tree is hit by a disease and does not produce flowers, which will happen?
a) it will produce oranges but not seeds.
b) It will not produce oranges, but it will produce seeds.
c) It will not produce oranges or seeds.
d) It will produce apples and seeds.

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