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Why is a career pathway an important component of an individual career plan?
a) Individuals can explore career clusters of interest to them.
b) Skills have to be learned for only one occupation.
c) A career pathway ensures meeting labor market demands.
d) Others can participate in the decision making process.

Which career is in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Technologies career cluster?
a) Forester
b) Banker
c) Chef
d) Plumber

The workplace of today must be dedicated to:
a) Excellence in skills and personal qualities.
b) Maintain workers at the present level.
c) Continue to work as usual.
d) Use management control of workers.

Every post secondary educational institution requires:
a) A portfolio.
b) An essay.
c) Letters of recommendation.
d) An application for admission.

A trusted advisor might be called a/an:
a) Mentor.
b) Apprentice.
c) Volunteer.
d) Teacher.

18. After a student decides to pursue post secondary education, the next step is to:
a) Submit an official application.
b) Select courses.
c) Apply for financial aid.
d) Sign a letter of intent.

A student who wishes to work with computers should pursue which NCDPI career pathway?
a) Arts and Sciences.
b) Business Technologies.
c) Health Sciences.
d) Public Service Technologies.

Career pathways allow a student to:
a) Choose courses that help prepare them for a number of careers
b) Choose a sequence of courses for their career interest.
c) Take any course they want to.
d) Take the courses that are assigned to them.

Four-year colleges and universities usually accept transfer credits from:
a) Apprenticeships.
b) Community and technical colleges
c) Internships.
d) Military workshops/seminars.

When considering a student for admission, what do most colleges look at?
a) How many siblings the student has
b) Grades that the student earned
c) How many teachers wrote recommendations
d) If the student traveled abroad

To prepare for a career, it is important to research how much of which activity is needed?
a) Exploratory interviews
b) Job shadowing
c) Tasks and responsibilities
d) Education and training

The sequence of courses a student chooses in high school is important because:
a) Skill-level courses precede knowledge-level courses
b) Prerequisites are necessary.
c) Courses out of sequence will be easier to understand.
d) Some courses are taught only once.

In order for a student to be accepted into a community college in North Carolina, he/she must:
a) Have only passing grades on his/her transcript.
b) Have an extensive list of extra-curricular activities. r
c) Know an admissions officer personally
d) Take a placement test.

When finishing the test before time is called:
a) Make sure all questions are answered.
b) Turn in the test immediately.
c) Read the whole test again.
d) Rest for the next test.

Knowing that there is a test Friday, a student should switch work schedules so they do not have to work until 11pm will apply which test preparation strategy?
a) Plan to study in chunks of time so you do not have to cram.
b) Get good night’s sleep
c) Eat a healthy breakfast
d) Study using your personal learning style

When answering multiple choice questions a student should:
a) Read the answers before looking at the question.
b) Eliminate correct answers.
c) Answer only the important questions.
d) Read all of the choices before selecting the answer.

When taking notes, a student should:
a) Avoid abbreviating.
b) Copy the entire paragraph from the book.
c) Write notes in his or her own words.
d) Write in complete sentences.

When a student completes an internship at a local daycare because she is interested in a career in teaching, which opportunity is she taking advantage of?
a) Dual-enrollment opportunities
b) AP/IB courses
c) Work-based Learning options
d) Extra-curricular activities

Emily is taking a college-level course in high school that can allow her to place out of some college classes. Which course opportunity is she taking advantage of?
a) Dual-enrollment opportunities
b) AP/IB courses
c) Work-based Learning options
d) Extra-curricular activities

An official document showing the educational work of a student in a school or college.
a) A. Attainment
b) B. Certification
c) C. Cooperative education
d) D. Transcript

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