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Where did Georges Seurat live?
a) Russia
b) China
c) France
d) United States of America

Seurat developed the style of painting known as...
a) Impressionism
b) oil Painting
c) watercolor
d) Pointillism

Pointillism involves the use of __________ to create an image.
a) dots
b) lines
c) paint
d) triangles

If Seurat wanted green grass in one of his paintings, he would use which color dots to create the grass?
a) green and white
b) blue and yellow
c) yellow and purple
d) green

Georges Seurat did not like to __________ colors.
a) repeat
b) paint with
c) mix
d) use bright

Georges Seurat was a(n)...
a) Impressionist
b) Surrealist
c) Modernist
d) Photorealist

Suerat painting the masterpiece, Sunday ___________ on the Island of La Granded Jatte.
a) Morning
b) Afternoon
c) Drive
d) Picnic

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte can be seen at the...
a) Georges Seurat Museum
b) Museum of France
c) Art Institute of Chicago
d) Metropolitan Museum of Art

Seurat had ________ child(ren).
a) one
b) no
c) five
d) three

The cause of Seurat's death was...
a) a stroke
b) a heart attack
c) cancer
d) unknown

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