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What does "C" stand for?
a) Check for bold print
b) Change all section headings to questions
c) Choose terms and definitions you do not know
d) Copy word for word

The 6th step is "A". What is the strategy used for "A"?
a) Alphabetize key terms and ideas
b) Align your paper to the text
c) All ways read the summary or conclusion
d) Answer your sub heading

Step 1 in the note taking process is?
a) Open your notebook
b) Write down the vocabulary words
c) Examine the chapter
d) Explain why the chapter is important

The 7th step is?
a) Skip to the the end
b) Star key points
c) Summarize the chapter
d) Skim the chapter

"F" stands for what in the note taking process?
a) Fold paper in half
b) Find interesting content
c) Find unknown terms
d) Figures are to be placed in our notes

The 2nd step in taking notes is?
a) Locate unknow terms
b) Look up terms in the glossary
c) Look for the key images and sub headings
d) Locate the heading of the chapter

What does "R" stand for?
a) Read chapter section by section
b) Rewrite the vocabulary
c) Repeat any important inforamtion
d) Reuse inforamtion form previous chapters

The note taking phrase is?
a) Carole Likes Frogs, Elephants, Rats And Snakes
b) Snakes Like Eating Round Frogs And Crickets
c) Alice Looks For Every Cute Rich Son
d) Everybody Listens Carefully For Raccoons And Squirrels

"F" is what step in the note taking process?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 4
d) 7

"R" is what step in the note taking proacess?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 4
d) 7

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