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Who can create and have a website?
a) Only those schooled in technology and web site creation can have a website,
b) Anyone can have a website.
c) Only people who have graduated from high school can have a website.
d) Only people considered an expert in the topic at hand or in their field can have a website.

The web domain (.edu, .com, .gov, etc.) informs the user of what?
a) A website's name.
b) A website's purpose.
c) The type of website it is.
d) A website's importance.

Learning to evaluate websites is important because...
a) A user needs to know if the information is correct before using it.
b) All websites are good and evaluating them will help a user create one.
c) It is required of this course in school.
d) Teachers want to be sure you know how to do it.

A biased website is one that...
a) Carefully presents all sides of an issue.
b) Gives only one side of an issue.
c) Is best for writing research papers.
d) Provides summarized biographical information.

The name of a website's author is not important for evaluation purposes.
a) True
b) False

The purpose of a website should be...
a) Hidden so you really have to think about it.
b) To trick you and get you to do what it wants you to do.
c) Easy to find and understand.
d) To provide fun and entertainment.

A good website would have...
a) An author's name without any authority statement on what makes the author an expert.
b) No author because it is located on a web page on the internet.
c) The author's name and authority so you know they are qualified.
d) Two or more authors so more than one viewpoint is presented.

Quality websites will provide information about an author, a way to contact the author, and a date of creation or revision.
a) True
b) False

A quality website should...
a) Be easy to navigate quickly.
b) Have as much information as possible on a single page.
c) Not have links back to the top or to a table of contents.
d) Take three or four mouse clicks to find the information you need.

A quality website does not need a date it was created because if it wasn't valid it would have been removed already.
a) False
b) True

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