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How many electrons does it take to fill our first and second shell levels?
a) 1 and 7
b) 2 and 8
c) 3 and 6
d) 4 and 5

The non-metals are also mostly what state of element?
a) gas
b) solid
c) liquid
d) non-metals

At room temp most metals are...
a) low temps
b) high temps
c) room temp
d) it doesn't

A metalloid acts as an insulator at..
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) metals

Ca is located BELOW Mg and NEXT TO K. It would be more similar to:
a) Ca
b) Mg
c) K
d) mg

What is the most common element in the universe?
a) H
b) He
c) Li
d) C

The majority of the human body is made of which type of element?
a) Metals
b) Non-metals
c) metalloids
d) Nobel gases

Which one of these is groups of elements from good bonds?
a) noble gases (8VE)
b) halogens (7VE) and noble gases (8VE)
c) halogens (7VE) and alkali-earth metals (2VE)
d) alkaline metals (1VE) and halogens (7VE)

As we go down the alkali group (group 1) what can we say about the reactivity?
a) More reactive
b) Less reactive
c) Same reactive
d) Does not change

The MOST reactive elements are:
a) on the far left side
b) aka alkali metals
c) have one valance electron
d) all of them are :)

What are the elements on the FAR right side of the table called?
a) halogens
b) alkali metals
c) nobel gas
d) alkali-earth metals

The periodic table is arranged by:
a) atomic mass
b) year discovered
c) number of electrons
d) atomic number

Elements share similar properties with elements located:
a) to the left
b) to the right
c) in the same row
d) in the same family

Another word for a column.
a) group
b) period
c) row
d) table

WHAT tells us the # of protons?
a) mass #
b) atomic #
c) Symbol
d) Name

On the RIGHT side of the periodic table we find?
a) metals
b) non-metals
c) metalloids
d) solids

The periodic table is mostly made up this type of element
a) metal
b) non-metal
c) metalloids
d) gas

Approximately what % of the table is metals?
a) 10%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 75%

What is true of the noble gases?
a) They form compounds easily
b) They are in the middle of the table
c) They are unstable
d) They are stable and rarely interact with anything.

What are the elements for life?
b) HHeLiBe
d) Carbon baby!

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