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You choose to buy a product because it is what you and your family usually use. You've been influenced by
a) peers
b) salespeople
c) tradition
d) media advertising

You try a free sample that a store employee offers you and you take their recommendation to buy the product. You've been influenced by
a) Tradition
b) Packaging and placement
c) Media advertising
d) Salespeople

Which are things that can influence how you use medical services?
a) family tradition
b) fear of talking to your provider
c) cultural beliefs
d) all of the above

Anytime you feel worse after seeing your healthcare provider you should
a) take more medicine
b) wait 48 hours to see if you are better
c) take your temperature every hour
d) let your healthcare provider know right away

Consumers can influence healthcare by
a) refusing products that don't work
b) buying high-quality products
c) refusing to return a damaged product
d) both a and b

Federal government agencies provide protection against what kind of product?
a) dishonest
b) dangerous
c) ineffective
d) all of the above

A damaged seal on an over-the counter medicine could be a sign of
a) quality
b) tampering
c) influence
d) consumer protection

you buy a product because your friends like it
a) healthcare consumer
b) peer influence
c) tradition
d) comparison shopping

A good resource for making healthcare purchasing decisions is
a) any Web site
b) product packaging
c) community professionals
d) all of the above

Which of the following are healthcare products?
a) running shoes
b) sunscreen
c) deodorant
d) all of the above

A product with the best value
a) has the lowest cost per unit
b) is determined by analyzing quality, quantity, and cost
c) has the highest cost per unit price
d) is a brand-name product from a recognizable source

What resources should you check if you want more information on sports drinks that offer the most nutrition
a) a librarian
b) an expert, such as your school sports coach
c) Web sites
d) All of the above

What kind of treatment have you received if you were treated at a healthcare facility and were able to go home the same day?
a) outpatient
b) physical therapy treatment
c) wellness screening
d) inpatient

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