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With the use of his invention, the telescope, he confirmed the theory that the planets revolve around the Sun, who is he?
a) Galileo
b) Gutenberg
c) Michelangelo
d) da Vinci

Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?
a) Martin Luther's ideas
b) a mild climate
c) wealth from trade
d) Bubonic plague

What art form developed in the Renaissance to show depth and dimension?
a) perspective
b) shading
c) fresco
d) oil painting

What city was the birthplace of the Renaissance?
a) Rome
b) Milan
c) Venice
d) Florence

What invention helped the ideas of the Renaissance and Reformation spread more quickly?
a) printing press
b) telescope
c) microscope
d) algebra

What did Copernicus and Galileo teach?
a) The church could not seek forgiveness
b) The objects in the sky revolve around the Earth
c) The objects in the sky revolve around the Sun
d) The church was the only one who knew scientific knowledge

What is humanism?
a) The belief in the importance of humans
b) The theory of humans having immortality
c) Trade that involved human made objects
d) The theory that humans should be mindful about dieting

What was the intellectual and economic movement that saw a revived interest in the art, social, scientific and political ideas of ancient Greece and Rome?
a) The Renaissance
b) The Reformation
c) Counter-Reformation
d) Protestantism

What were the Catholic's efforts to reform itself called?
a) Counter-Reformation
b) Reformation
c) Calvinism
d) Protestantism.

What country in Europe began the Reformation?
a) Spain
b) England
c) Germany
d) Switzerland

In Central Europe, where the Reformation began, what were the religious affiliations after the Reformation?
a) The were split between Protestant and Catholic
b) They remained Catholic.
c) They converted to Protestantism
d) They became Islamic

Which of the following best describes the beliefs of Martin Luther?
a) Christians can communicate directly with God through prayer
b) God taught that all sin must be forgiven by selling indulgences.
c) The Pope and priests of the Catholic Church are the only ones to interpret the Bible.
d) Christians must go through their local priests to talk with God.

Which off these correctly describes the religious affiliations after the Reformation?
a) The northern half of Europe became Protestant, the sourthern half remained Catholic.
b) The northern half of Europe became Catholic the sourthern half remained Protestant
c) Only Germany became Protestant, the rest of Europe was Catholic.
d) Only Spain and Portugal remained Catholic, the rest of Europe was Protestant

What was one of the principles Martin Luther learned about the Catholic church?
a) the selling of indulgences
b) the cost of a new church
c) the promotion of a fellow priests
d) a school for religious writers.

Which of the following was a result of Martin Luther's challenge to Catholic church?
a) the Protestant movement
b) priests getting higher pay
c) the increase of tithes
d) the collapse of the Catholic church.

What was a major result of the Reformation?
a) new Christian denominations emerged
b) religious teachings were outlawed.
c) the Pope became stronger
d) the Crusades were organized

What were Martin Luther's thoughts on the selling of indulgences?
a) The selling of indulgences is a corruptible practice of the Catholic church.
b) Salvation is obtainable strictly though the purchase of indulgences.
c) Luther supports the sale of indulgences by the Catholic church.
d) Purchasing an indulgence is more important than good works.

Which of the following was among the most significant reforms of the Catholic Church?
a) The establishment of seminaries to train priests.
b) The establishment of libraries to save religious records.
c) The establishment of banks to record the selling of indulgences.
d) The establishment of schools to teach boys about religious principles.

Why did the Protestant Reformation spread rapidly throughout Europe?
a) Invention of the printing press and increased literacy
b) improved personal hygiene and greater access to healthcare
c) support of the Pope as teh head of the Roman Catholic Church
d) vast road system crossing Europe and linking urban centers

Who painted the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa?
a) da Vinci
b) Michelangelo
c) Martin Luther
d) Copernicus

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