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An organism is....
a) a type of energy
b) a rock
c) special car
d) a living thing

Which of the following is a producer?
a) lion
b) tiger
c) tree
d) worm

What does a food chain pass on to each member?
a) energy
b) love
c) sunlight
d) a baby animal

Which option would a carnivore choose to eat?
a) flower
b) tree
c) meat and animals
d) grass and seeds

Where does an organism live in an ecosystem?
a) habitat
b) ocean
c) house
d) nature

Which option would an herbivore choose to eat?
a) steak
b) flower and seeds
c) meat
d) rocks

An omnivore eats...
a) only meat
b) meat and plants
c) only plants
d) cheese enchiladas

What is the first step in the scientific method?
a) make a prediction
b) do an experiment
c) ask a question
d) write a conclusion

Many food chains put together form a....
a) single line
b) spider web
c) producer
d) food web

Which of the following is an example of a decomposer?
a) lion
b) snail
c) bird
d) cactus

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