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The president can check power of the legislative branch by
a) vetoing a law
b) issuing an executive order
c) granting a pardon
d) petitioning Congress

What is the function of Congress in the federal government
a) Congress is the judicial branch, which enforces the nation's laws.
b) Congress is the legislative branch, which makes the nation's laws.
c) The judicial branch is led by Congress, which interprets the nation's laws.
d) The executive branch is led by Congress, which can veto the nation's laws.

What is a federal system of government designed to do?
a) place all power in hands of the President
b) limit the role fo the cnetral government to running the postal services
c) divides power between the states and national government
d) stretch the reserved authority of the states when necessary

The Bill of Rights is the document
a) added to the Constitution to protect citizens' rights
b) used to limit the power of state government
c) outlining the rights of the federal government
d) stating the ways in which citizens can participate in government

What problem did Antifederalists have with the Constitution?
a) Wanted a Bill of Rights added
b) It gave too many rights to citizens
c) Merchants were not protected
d) The Articles of Confederation was better set up

The framers of the Constitution created a system of checks and balances to
a) outline the powers held by each branch of government
b) keep any one branch of government from becoming too powerful.
c) strengthen the branches of government
d) give people the oppotunity to control the government

What is federalism?
a) a government system where the central government holds supreme power
b) a system that keeps each branch of government form obtaining too much power
c) the sharing of power between a central government and the states of a country
d) the part of government responsible for making the laws of a country or nation

The Three-Fifths Compromise
a) freed 3/5 of slaves in the souther states
b) granted 3/5 of freed slaves the right to vote
c) 3/5 of slaves could count toward the population used to determine representatives
d) northern states would get 3/5 majority in Congress

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established which procedure?
a) election of state governors by the people
b) admission of state into the Union
c) drafting of male citizens into state militia
d) collection of property taxes from state residents

Why was the idea of taxation without representation so important to the revolutionary cause?
a) Colonists believed King George III was not able to tax without concent of local representatives.
b) Great Britain would have ended taxation if colonists had kept the peace.
c) Colonists beleived that Great Britain only had the right to tax certain items.
d) Great Britain only taxed the colonists to force a war.

What was one result of the French and Indian War
a) France lost land claims in North America
b) Spain gained Canada
c) Land east of the Mississippi River was divided between Britain and France
d) France began moving west

Which was a factor in Virginia colonists' decision to use slave labor?
a) They could purchase more land if they put more slaves to work
b) there were not enough indentured servants to meet the high demand
c) there had not been a significant slave rebellion in the northern colonies
d) the cost of purchasing slaves had fallen dramatically

Why did colonists in neeed of cheap labor turn to slaves from West Africa
a) West African slaves already built up immunity to European diseases.
b) Sugar plantation owners and tobacco farmers needed slaves familiar with agriculture
c) the Pope had promoted the use of West African slaves in Catholic lands
d) the Portuguese government had legalized the sale of slave in its colonies

Treaty of Tordesillas
a) gave permission for missionaries to use Natives as slave labor
b) it divided the New World between Spain and Portugal
c) it prevented war between Spain and Native American populations
d) it required people to have colonists' papers to collect gold on Hispaniola

How did the Gadsden Purchase benefit the United States?
a) We needed it to finish a southern railroad line
b) We needed it for ports on the west of the Country
c) We needed it for its gold supply
d) We needed it to keep the slave and free states even

The words GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH were spoken during the American Revolution by
a) a loyalist
b) a patriot
c) a Redcoat
d) a King

Resulted in California as a free state and a tougher fugitive slave act
a) Compromise 1850
b) Kansas-Nebraska Act
c) Missiouri Compromise
d) The Great Compromise

Mexican Cession, Texas Annexation, Oregon Treaty and Gadsden Purchase were all part of
a) the Monroe Doctrine
b) the Mississippi Compromise
c) Western Expansion
d) Causes of the Mexican American War

One result of the war of 1812 was
a) U.S. gains land from Canada
b) U.S. maintained its independence from Great Britain
c) U.S. defeated the French
d) U.S took control of Mexico

The First Amendment protects
a) the right to a speedy and public trial
b) the right to keep and bear arms
c) freedom of speech and religion
d) freedom from unreasonable searcha nd seizures

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