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What is the PREPOSITION in this sentence? The book was on the kitchen table.
a) book
b) table
c) kitchen
d) on

What is the ADJECTIVE in this sentence? The dog jumped over the blue chair.
a) dog
b) blue
c) over
d) jumped

What is the ADVERB in this sentence? The little girl slowly closed her eyes.
a) little
b) closed
c) slowly
d) girl

What is the NOUN in this sentence? The cat was eating very noisily.
a) cat
b) very noisily
c) eating
d) was

What is the ADVERB in this sentence? Don't run, walk quickly!
a) don't
b) run
c) walk
d) quickly

What is the VERB in this sentence? The boy will not open his book.
a) boy
b) book
c) open
d) will

What is the PERSONAL PRONOUN in this sentence? Where did he go?
a) Where
b) did
c) he
d) go

What is the PERSONAL PRONOUN in this sentence? Will you ask her to come over here please?
a) ask
b) her
c) come
d) over

What is the CONJUNCTION in this sentence? Would you like to play with the cat or the dog?
a) play
b) or
c) cat
d) with

What is the ADVERB in this sentence? The boy was writing quickly so he could go to lunch.
a) boy
b) so
c) quickly
d) writing

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