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What is the x intercept of the equation y=2x+4
a) -2
b) 1/2
c) 2
d) 4

What is the y intecept of the following equation 2x+3y=12
a) 3
b) -4
c) 2
d) 4

What is the slope of the line -2x+3y=4
a) 1/2
b) -1/2
c) 2/3
d) 3

Put the equation y=2x-8 in standard form.
a) y=mx+b
b) 8-2x=y
c) y+2x=8
d) 2x-y=8

The line y=3/4x-8 has...
a) a y intercept of -8 and a slope of 3/4
b) a x intercept of -8 and a slope of 3/4
c) a y intercept of 3/4 and a slope of -8
d) a y intercept of 3 and a slope of 4

What is the slope of the line that passes through (4,8) and (8,6) ?
a) 1/2
b) -2
c) 3/4
d) -1/2

Which of the following is not a linear equation?
a) y=1/2x-4
b) y=x/2
c) y=2x^2+4
d) y=2x

The line y=4 is a...
a) horizontal line
b) diagonal line
c) curved line
d) vertical line

Which of the following lines passes through the origin?
a) y=1/2x+2
b) y=8x
c) y=3
d) x=2

2x-4y=12, If x is 8, then y is (8,_)
a) 1
b) -4
c) 4
d) -1

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