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The Sierra Madre Mountains and Occidental is located closer to this civilization?
a) Maya
b) Aztec
c) Inca
d) Charlemagne

Living in a tropical wet can be extremely bad for which reason
a) Drought
b) Earthquakes
c) Flooding
d) Blizzards

Which civilization is only only one located in South Ameirca?
a) Inca
b) Aztec
c) Maya
d) Islam

Which of the following civilizations had access to nearly every climate zone because of the size of their empire?
a) Olmec
b) Aztec
c) Inca
d) Maya

The Maya civilization living in a climate zone that had a number of positives and negative aspects to it. The Maya also living in multiple climate zones. Which of the following is one of those zones?
a) Tropical Wet
b) Arid
c) Semi Arid
d) Mediterranean

The relative location for the Aztec empire could best be described as
a) Central Guatelama
b) Central Columbia
c) Central Belize
d) Central Mexico

The aztec had a prime location to successfully build a civilization on because of the their climate zone. Which climate zone did they benefit from living within?
a) Tropical Wet
b) Tundra
c) Arid
d) Semiarid

The Maya civilization stretches over many modern day countries. The main landform that they lived on was the
a) Yucatan Peninsula
b) Baha Peninsula
c) Floridian Peninsula
d) Boothia Peninsula

The Incan empire is located next to this lengthy mountain range
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Alps Mountains
c) Andes Mountains
d) Peruvian Mountains

Which civilization is the only one that does not touch the Atlantic Ocean?
a) Aztec
b) Maya
c) Inca
d) Ghana

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