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If the angle of incidence is 50 degrees, waht is the angle of reflection?
a) 5 degrees
b) 25 degrees
c) 50 degrees
d) 100 degrees

Which of the following statements describes a property of light according to the ray model of light?
a) light travels like waves
b) light travels in a straight line
c) light is made up of different colours
d) light has characteristics like frequency and wavelength

Which of the following describes an object that is transluscent?
a) all light can pass through the object
b) some light can pass through the object
c) no light can pass through the object
d) light reflects off of the object only

Which of the following is used to make an image that is the same size as the object?
a) plane mirror
b) convex mirror
c) concave mirror
d) concave and convex mirrors

What do all three types of mirrors ahve in common?
a) they all produce upside down images
b) they all reflect light rays to form an image
c) they all reflect light rays so that the rays diverge and do not meet
d) they all reflect light rays so that the rays converge on a focal point

What type of image would you expect to see if you looked at yourself in the bowl of a spoon?
a) an upright, larger image of yourself
b) an upright, smaller image of yourself
c) an upside down, larger image of yourself
d) an upside down, smaller image of yourself

Which of the following mirrors can be used to make you look taller?
a) plane
b) convex
c) concave
d) both convex and concave

What happens to light rays that pass through a convex lens?
a) all the light rays diverge
b) all the light rays converge
c) all the light rays are absorbed by the lens
d) some light rays diverge and some light rays converge

Light rays converge
a) at the focal length
b) at the focal point
c) inside the lens
d) on the edge of the lens

If the object is more than two focal lengths away from a convex lens, the image will be
a) upside down and smaller
b) upside down and larger
c) upright and larger
d) no image forms

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