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Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Thunderstorms all have what other weather feature in common?
a) Snow
b) Gusty winds
c) Hail
d) Fog

A fast, heavy rain that happens in a short period of time is called?
a) A drizzle
b) A flood
c) A down pour
d) A rain shower

Where would a Tornado mostly likely take place?
a) In a dessert
b) Somewhere Flat
c) A Valley
d) Somewhere that has many raised areas

There are usually gusty winds and sometimes hail in this type of weather condition?
a) Thunderstorms
b) Rain showers
c) Blizzards
d) Tornadoes

Which hurricane category is the the most dangerous?
a) category 5
b) category 1
c) category 6
d) category 5.5

The Eye of a hurricane is located where?
a) At the start of the storm.
b) At the center of the storm.
c) At the end of the storm.
d) Both the start and end of the storm.

Drops of water that freeze together from thunderstorm clouds.
a) Hail
b) Icicles
c) Rain
d) Rainbows

What are the three things that are needed for a blizzard?
a) cold air at surface, snow, and hail
b) cold air at surface, lots of moisture, and lift
c) cold air at surface, lift, and ice
d) cold air at surface, ice, and moisture

How is hail created?
a) in dark clouds
b) in a clear sky
c) in thunderstorm Clouds
d) a white, clear cloud

A large, swirling storm with winds that are faster than a cheetah.
a) Thunderstorm
b) Blizzard
c) Hurricane
d) Tornadeo

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