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How To Introduce Yourself To A New Patient. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

When first meeting a new patient, a nurse should...
a) open the curtains in the room.
b) take the patient's blood pressure.
c) greet, make eye contact, and shake hands.
d) ask if there are any questions.

Showing empathy, politeness, and interest are are included in...
a) length of visit.
b) tone of your voice.
c) the patient diagnosis.
d) speed of care.

Before performing a procedure, the nurse should...
a) ask patient if they need anything else.
b) complete a patient observation form.
c) ask what they ate for breakfast.
d) explain the purpose of their visit.

Before leaving the patient it is best to...
a) ask if they need anything else.
b) sing a song.
c) greet and shake hands.
d) sit beside the patient and chat.

Having a pleasant tone of voice will help to make the patient feel...
a) comfortable.
b) angry.
c) sleepy.
d) confused.

I'm here to change your sheets is an example of...
a) Greeting
b) Explanation why you are there
c) Asking if a patient has a question
d) Referring to the weather

Which is not a tip to introducing yourself to a new patient?
a) Make eye contact
b) explain why you are there
c) ask if they have questions
d) Hey, how you doing?

When introducing yourself to a new patient, it is best to
a) all of the choices
b) use a positive voice tone and communication
c) explain why you are there
d) ask if they have questions

New patients would most likely appreciate nurses who...
a) yell
b) talk bluntly
c) make eye contact with a nice voice
d) look away

Which does not belong?
a) shake hands
b) pleasant tone
c) eye contact
d) ask to dance

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