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Pathogens on the skin can be killed by
a) sweat
b) oils on your skin
c) both sweat and oil on your skin
d) neither sweat nor oil on your skin

What are the two types of immune response?
a) first line and second line
b) innate and acquired
c) pathogen and antigen
d) direct and indirect

The body's second line of defense is to
a) attack pathogens
b) recognize pathogens
c) keep pathogens out of the body
d) wait a week to develop an immune response to pathogens

Why are white blood cells sent to the part of the body that is infected by pathogens?
a) to heal the infection
b) to supply blood to the infected area
c) to provide immunity
d) to destroy the pathogens

The role of helper T cells is
a) to find antigens and signal B cells to produce antibodies
b) to wipe out antigens and pathogens on their own
c) both A and B
d) neither A nor B

White blood cells...
a) are cells that are carried in the blood to fight infections in the body
b) are sent to the part of hte body that is infected by the pathogens
c) swallow up invading pathogens
d) destroy antigens and pathogens

A vaccine works by stimulating your immune system to
a) produce more antigens
b) reduce the number of T cells
c) reduce the number of B cells
d) produce more antibodies

AIDS is caused by
a) bacteria
b) virus
c) semen
d) blood

In a severe allergic reaction
a) a person may have great trouble breathing
b) the immune system needs to make more antibodies
c) a person could die from infection
d) the immune system cannot trigger the B cells

HIV attacks
a) the helper T cells
b) the killer T cells
c) the blood
d) the semen

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