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Anti-Semitism is prejudice against the ---.
a) Japanese
b) Germans
c) Americans
d) Jews

What ended because of American Involvement in WW2?
a) Jim Crow
b) The Great Depression
c) African American discrimination
d) Japanese American discrimination

Which fictional character does the We Can Do It! Poster represent that was used during WW2?
a) Eleanor Roosevelt
b) Bessie Smith
c) Uncle Sam's wife
d) Rosie the Riveter

Which of the following is a way Americans at home supported the war effort?
a) men went to work in factories
b) women went to work in factories
c) children went to work in factories
d) senior citizens went to work in factories

Many Japanese Americans served in the armed forces, but others were treated with distrust and prejudice, and many were forced into.....
a) the military
b) internment camps
c) concentration camps
d) peace-time camps

Which 2 cities were bombed and led to the surrender of Japan?
a) England and Paris
b) Tokyo and Hong-Kong
c) Hiroshima and Nagasaki
d) Berlin and Moscow

Jews and others in concentration camps were freed by the ____.
a) Axis
b) Allies
c) Japanese
d) Germans

The turning point of the war in the Pacific was the Battle of ---
a) Britain
b) Midway
c) Stalingrad
d) D-Day

Anti-Semitism is prejudice against the -----
a) Germans
b) Americans
c) Jews
d) Japanese

The Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy, France to retake Europe from the Axis Powers. What is this day called?
a) V-E Day
b) V-J Day
c) V-Day
d) D-Day

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