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This Test Is A Review Of Plants, Their Components And Their Environment. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Why are the roots important to the plant?
a) They are in the ground
b) They look pretty
c) They absorb nutrients
d) They help with pollination

Plants start as...
a) The ground
b) Seeds
c) Flowers
d) Leaves

Why are the leaves important to the plant?
a) They synthesize food
b) They are green
c) They are oval shaped
d) They are attached to the stem

The 2 things that all plants need the most are?
a) Nutrients and space
b) Sunlight and soil
c) Sunlight and water
d) Water and air

Why is the stem important to the plant?
a) It makes it the plant taller
b) It is long and tall
c) It provides support
d) It isn't important to the plant

What is the process that allows plants to make their own food?
a) Photography
b) Synthetisis
c) Eating
d) Photosynthesis

Why is the flower important to the plant?
a) They help with pollination
b) They look pretty
c) They absorb nutrients
d) They support the plant

Which one of these is NOT a part of the plant?
a) Roots
b) Arm
c) Stem
d) Leaves

Why is a plant's environment important its growth?
a) If correct it helps it grow
b) If incorrect it helps it grow
c) It makes it look prettier
d) It shows where it is in the world

A plant that needs a tropical environment (very warm and wet place) won't be able to grow where?
a) A greenhouse with very good gardeners
b) A rainforest
c) Antartica
d) Florida

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