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Spending that is not necessary?
a) Savings
b) Discretionary
c) Mandatory
d) Investments

Define, Investment
a) Something that you borrow from
b) Borrowed Money
c) Anything that generates a return
d) Money owed for money lent

opportunities to own a home or start a business should be accessible to whom?
a) All
b) The Rich
c) Investors
d) Business owners

pay out (money) in buying or hiring goods or services.
a) Savings
b) Budget
c) Interest
d) Spending

a savings account that has a fixed interest rate and fixed date of withdrawal, known as the maturity date.
a) Social Issue
b) Promissory Note
c) Certificate of Deposit
d) Social Issue

money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent.
a) Interest
b) Loan
c) Social Issue
d) Promissory Note

Member States have mandated the Secretary-General and the UN System to help them achieve the standards set out in the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of _______________.
a) Peace and Security
b) Food Rights
c) Health Rights
d) Human Rights

a written promise by one party to pay another party a fixed sum of money.
a) Certificate of Deposit
b) Promissory Note
c) Budget
d) Savings

On both a personal and national level maintaining a solid _________ rate is one of the best cures for economic woes.
a) Savings
b) Investment
c) Budget
d) Spending

Those who yous their own savings and other investments to create businesses are called?
a) Entrepreneurs
b) Corporate Sponsors
c) Politicians
d) Rich People

money one has kept, especially through a bank.
a) Spending
b) Savings
c) Investment
d) Loan

an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.
a) Certificate of Deposit
b) Loan
c) Interest
d) Budget

money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent.
a) Loan
b) Budget
c) Interest
d) Promissory Note

An undesirable condition that people believe should be corrected.
a) Terrorism
b) Entitlements
c) Social Issue
d) Common Currency

Which is not a member of the G 8 Summit?
a) Canada
b) Saudi Arabia
c) USA
d) Japan

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