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Hydrogen atoms combine to form helium in a process called
a) nuclear fusion
b) nuclear fission
c) supernova
d) nuclear burnout

Which type of star has an average life of 10 billion years?
a) low mass star
b) intermediate mass star
c) high mass star
d) all stars

A low mass star will eventually become a
a) red giant
b) nebula
c) supernova
d) white dwarf

Which of the following is not true of high mass stars?
a) they use up hydrogen relatively slowly
b) they last only millions of years
c) they collapse in a supernova
d) their core may contract further into a neutron star

The sun is mainly made up of
a) hydrogen gas
b) oxygen gas
c) a combination of hydrogen and oxygen gases
d) a combination of hydrogen and methane gases

Where are most asteroids found in the solar system?
a) beyond Jupiter
b) beyond Neptune
c) between Earth and Mars
d) between Mars and Jupiter

Where is the Oort cloud found?
a) the surface of the Sun
b) between Earth and Mars
c) the outer limits of the solar system
d) beyond the solar system

Cooler, darker regions at the surface of the sun are called
a) sunspots
b) solar prominences
c) corona
d) solar flares

The four innermost planets in our solar system, in order are
a) Mercury, Earth, Venus, Mars
b) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
c) Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth
d) Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars

What information can astronomers gaine from the colour of a star?
a) the star's temperature and composition
b) the nebula the star came from
c) the stage of development the star is in
d) the direction the star might go in next

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