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Evidence indicates that galaxies are
a) stationary
b) moving away from each other
c) moving towards each other
d) always changing direction

The Big Bang theory
a) is now accepted fact
b) states that galaxies make a loud sound when they collide
c) states that the universe began with an event
d) does not yet have evidence to support it

The known universe is approximately
a) 13 billion years old
b) 4.6 billion years old
c) 100 million years old
d) 100 billion years old

To find out if a star is moving away from you, you would observe
a) blue ultraviolet light
b) red shift
c) spectrum diversion
d) gamma rays

Which of the following is not a known shape of a galaxy?
a) spiral
b) elliptical
c) regular
d) irregular

Our milky way galaxy is
a) a spiral shaped galaxy
b) an elliptical shaped galaxy
c) a blue dwarf star galaxy
d) the centre of the universe

What holds globular clusters of stars together?
a) gravity
b) mass
c) collision
d) rotation

Star clusters vary in the number of stars they contain. What is the approximate range for the number of stars found in an open cluster?
a) fewer than 10
b) a few thousand
c) 1000 to 1 000 000
d) 100 000 to 100 000 000

Which type of galaxy holds the oldest stars in the universe?
a) spiral
b) elliptical
c) irregular
d) star clusters

A nebula is
a) a dense cloud of gas and dust in space
b) a collection of many galaxies
c) what happens when galaxies collapse
d) at the centre of every galaxy

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