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Feudalism In Japan. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The Japanese Emperor claims to be the descendant of what goddess?
a) Tokugawa
b) Amaterasu
c) Heian
d) Genji

Who had the most power in feudal Japan?
a) Daimyo
b) Samurai
c) Emperor
d) Shogun

Who was at the top of feudal society?
a) Daimyo
b) Samurai
c) Emperor
d) Shogun

What was the captial city of Tokyo once called?
a) Edo
b) Kyoto
c) Heian
d) Osaka

What European group was allowed to trade with Japan during the isolated period?
a) China
b) Korea
c) Dutch
d) British

What country had the greatest cultural influence on Japan?
a) Korea
b) China
c) Russia
d) Australia

What is the system of government where local lords rule the land?
a) Democracy
b) Monarchy
c) Nationalism
d) Feudalism

What was the name of the capital of imperial Japan during the Heian Court period?
a) Kyoto
b) Tokyo
c) Edo
d) Nagasaki

What is the Japanese language that uses symbols to represent syllables?
a) Latin
b) Cyrillic
c) Kana
d) Igpa Atinla

Who were the early inhabitants of Northern Japan who were discriminated in Japanese society?
a) Mongols
b) Burakumin
c) Samurai
d) Ainu

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