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Which of the following could be used to measure the amount of potential difference in a circuit?
a) electrode
b) electroscope
c) ammmeter
d) voltmeter

What is the unit for measuring potential difference?
a) volt (V)
b) coulomb (C)
c) metre (m)
d) second (s)

In an alkaline AA battery, the electrolyte could be described as
a) a fluid
b) a copper electrode
c) an acid solution
d) a moist paste

Which of the following is not a major part of an electric circuit
a) source
b) load
c) conductor
d) meter

Which of the following is not an example of an electric load?
a) a motor
b) a generator
c) a light bulb
d) a heater

A 6V battery is connected to a 10 Ohm resistor. What is the current flowing in the circuit?
a) 0.6A
b) 1.67A
c) 4A
d) 60A

Which of the following occurs if resistance is increased in a circuit?
a) both voltage and current will increase
b) both voltage and current will decrease
c) voltage will increase and current will decrease
d) voltage will decrease and current will increase

Current is measured with a(n)
a) amperemeter
b) voltmeter
c) ammeter
d) electroscope

Electrons flow from where to where in an electrical circuit?
a) from the cathode to the anode
b) from the anode to the cathode
c) from the battery to the lightbulb
d) from the lightbulb to the battery

Cathodes and anodes are examples of
a) batteries
b) electrochemical cells
c) electrodes
d) voltage

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