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Which of these tools makes use of a magent?
a) compass
b) thermometer
c) eye goggles
d) hammer

How do thorns help a plant?
a) They protect the plant from being eaten by some types of animals.
b) They catch food.
c) They store water for the plant to use later.
d) They make the plant colorful.

Which of these is something roots do for the plant?
a) get water from the soil
b) make food
c) get rid of bugs
d) make seeds

What is a paleontologist?
a) person who studies life during dinosaur times
b) a scientist who studies germs and bacteria
c) a scientist who studies coal and other things inside the Earth
d) a scientist who studies bugs and reptiles

How does sound travel from ringing buzzer to a person's ear?
a) waves of sound travel through the air
b) sound jumps from the buzzer to a person's ear
c) sound travels through the air and up through a person's body to the ear
d) sound shoots into space, bounces off the sun, and bounces back to a person's ear

Which of these materials would be best for shading the sun?
a) a piece of cardboard
b) a sheet of metal
c) clear plastic
d) aluminum foil

Which of these is not part of weather?
a) volcanoes
b) rainfall
c) snowfall
d) wind direction

Which of these would best model the Earth's rotation?
a) spinning around in one place
b) jumping up and down
c) sitting on a chair backwards
d) walking around a friend

Which of these communities would be hot and wet?
a) rain forest
b) tundra
c) desert
d) valley

Sandy left four mugs in the sun. Which will be the hottest?
a) the black mug
b) the pink mug
c) the white mug
d) the silver mug

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