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The Renaissance was led by a group of artists and scholars called:
a) Organizers
b) Humanists
c) Humanitarians
d) Trail Blazers

The Renaissance marked the end of what period?
a) The Middle Ages
b) The Stone Ages
c) The Bronze Age
d) The Silver Era

What event the seeds of democratic ideas and practices?
a) Middle Ages
b) Scientific Revolution
c) Renaissance
d) Reformation

Renaissance artists produced the first what?
a) Nude paintings
b) Pottery
c) Computers
d) Blocks

Leonardo da Vinci was known as the what?
a) Renaissance Man
b) Terrible painter
c) Reformation Guy
d) Scientific Man

Renaissance is defined as:
a) Rebirth of mathematics and science
b) The dark ages of learning
c) A period of rebirth of culture and learning. Marked the end of the Middle Ages
d) Art and learning

Rome was located in what country?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Portugal
d) Italy

The Renaissance began in what country?
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Portugal
d) China

Martin Luther wrote what document that outlines his issues with the Catholic Church?
a) 999 Theses
b) 95 Theses
c) The Bible
d) The Printing Press

The printing press had what positive impact?
a) It made books faster and cheaper and more accessible to the poor
b) It made bigger books that everyone could not have
c) It was not a positive thing
d) It made printing books faster, but more ezpensive

What term is defined as body of work done by mathematicans and scientists in Europe during Renaissance period?
a) Reformation
b) Renaissance
c) Scientific Revolution
d) Mathematical Revolution

Who Invented the Printing Press?
a) Galileo
b) Gutenberg
c) Newton
d) King Richard

The Renaissance began with the rediscovery of the classical world of what two civilizations?
a) Greece and Rome
b) Egypt and Rome
c) Greece and China
d) China and India

Who painted the Mona Lisa?
a) Michelangelo
b) Leonardo da Vinci
c) Donatello
d) Raphael

Why did Henry VIII break away from the Catholic Church?
a) He wanted to be Pope
b) He didn't have enough money
c) He wanted a divorce, and the church would not allow it
d) He argued with the leader

What did Europeans want to find in Asia?
a) Gold
b) Food
c) Spices
d) Slaves

What was the first book Gutenberg made?
a) The Inferno
b) The Bible
c) 95 Theses

What term is defined as 'the amount of people who are able to read'?
a) Literacy Rate
b) Readability
c) Reliability
d) Lethargy

What was the 95 Theses?
a) a list of rules of the Roman Catholic Church
b) A list of complaints about the Middle Ages
c) a list of complaints against the church

Who set up the school for sailors and trained many great explorers?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Prince Henry the Navigator
c) Vasco da Gama

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