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Judicial Branch Of Georgia's Role. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

How are judges selected in Georgia?
a) all are elected
b) all are appointed
c) some are elected and others are appointed
d) none of the above

Which of the following is not a purpose of the Judicial Branch?
a) Create laws
b) Interpret laws
c) Explain laws
d) Apply laws

In what kind of court would someone be if they are being tried for shoplifting?
a) Appellate court
b) Trial court
c) Chamber court
d) Justice court

In what type of court would someone be if they were trying to get their life sentence reversed?
a) Justice court
b) Trial court
c) Appellate court
d) Chamber court

Which type of court determines if trial court cases followed the Georgia Constitution and the Official Code of Georgia Annotated?
a) another trial court
b) a chamber court
c) a justice court
d) an appellate court

What Georgia court is the final authority on if a law is or is not constitutional?
a) Supreme Court
b) Superior Court
c) Magistrate Court
d) Court of Appeals

What type of law deals with crimes committed and the cases determine whither someone is guilty or not guilty?
a) Civil Law
b) Uncivil Law
c) Justice Law
d) Criminal Law

What type of law works to administer justice by settling disputes between two parties or individuals?
a) Civil Law
b) Criminal Law
c) Justice Law
d) Uncivil Law

When most judges are elected, what type of election is it?
a) non-partisan
b) partisan
c) non-divifersified
d) diversified

The Judicial Branch of Georgia contains...
a) chambers
b) counties
c) elections
d) courts

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