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The 4 major phases of mitosis are:
a) interphase, prophase, metaphase, telophase
b) interphase, early prophase, late prophase, telophase
c) prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
d) early prophase, late prophase, anaphase, telophase

The three main phases of the cell cycle are:
a) prophase, anaphase, telophase
b) interphase, mitosis, telophase
c) interphase, mitosis, cytokinesis
d) prophase, metaphase, cytokinesis

tiny tube-like structures made of protein are called
a) spindle fibres
b) chromosomes
c) nucleolus
d) DNA replication

The phase in mitosis in which the duplicated chromosomes form into an X shape is
a) anaphase
b) metaphase
c) prophase
d) telophase

The phase of mitosis in which the nucleolus forms around the chromosomes is
a) telophase
b) prophase
c) metaphase
d) anaphase

Which stage is the longest in the cell cycle?
a) interphase
b) mitosis
c) cytokinesis
d) DNA replication

Asexual reproduction requires
a) only one parent to produce offspring
b) two parents to produce offspring
c) a combination of parents to produce offspring
d) two clones to produce offspring

Bacteria reproduce asexually by
a) budding
b) fragmentation
c) binary fission
d) cloning

One of the key advantages of asexual reproduction is
a) offspring compete for food and space
b) large numbers of offspring reproduce quickly
c) extreme temperatures can wipe out entire colonies
d) offspring are genetic clones

Stem cells have the potential to
a) divide rapidly
b) increase the amount of DNA
c) become many different types of cells
d) invade other types of cells

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