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What is the definition of Cabinet
a) A tradition that is followed or used in making other decisions
b) The group of men and women who serve as the main advisers to the President
c) The act of not taking sides in a conflict
d) The act of capturing people from another country and forcing them to serve in your military

What position did Alexander Hamilton hold in George Washington’s Cabinet?
a) Secretary of State
b) Secretary of the Treasury
c) Secretary of War.
d) Attorney General.

What position did Henry Knox hold in George Washington’s Cabinet?
a) Secretary of State.
b) Secretary of the Treasury.
c) Secretary of War.
d) Attorney General.

What was George Washington’s Farewell Address?
a) A speech he gave to his soldiers when the Revolutionary war ended.
b) A poem he wrote for Martha Washington as he lay dying.
c) A message he gave to the American people as he was leaving the Presidency.
d) Nothing, mind your own business

What two pieces of advice did George Washington give America in his farewell address?
a) Vote early and often
b) Invade Canada and pay off debts
c) Speak softly and carry a big stick
d) Stay neutral and avoid political parties

What War of 1812 battle made Andrew Jackson famous?
a) Battle of New Orleans
b) Battle of Saratoga
c) Battle of Hoth
d) Battle of Gettysburg

Who won the War of 1812?
a) Mexico
b) England
c) America
d) Canada

What two cities made up the opposite ends of the Erie Canal?
a) Rochester and Rome
b) Syracuse and Little Falls
c) Utica and Schenectady
d) Albany and Buffalo

How were Erie Canal boats originally pulled?
a) Mules
b) Men
c) Elephants
d) Steam Boats

What best describes a Political Party?
a) An elephant and a donkey.
b) President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dancing to music
c) People who share similar beliefs and who vote together
d) Parties that politicians throw.

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