Phototruth Or Photofiction Question Preview (ID: 41855)

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Based on the article, where does the trust in photo journalism come from?
a) Citizen's everyday experiences with personal photography.
b) The textbook that citizen read every day.
c) Citizen's present photography only.
d) Citizen's childhood memories.

According to the article, what is the author's opinion?
a) He thought the journalists were performers.
b) The graphics software program makes images become less tempting.
c) Many journalists distort the truth of photograph to attract readers.
d) There is nothing new about faking photos.

Based on the content, which sentence is correct?
a) Digital photo collections are not so important at all.
b) Photography is absolute ''reality''.
c) Bill Allen said, '' People have no idea how much alteration is going on.''
d) Magazine and newspaper readers believe that the photo can reflect reality.

What do you think is the main idea that the author want to convey to the readers?
a) Digital manipulation is not that important.
b) Photography is manipulated, and it cannot reflect reality.
c) We should believe everything we read or see.
d) Computer technology hasn't made photo accessible to people.

Which word is best described ''relating to beliefs about what is morally right and wrong '' ?
a) ethical
b) concoct
c) left in the dark
d) sight

which word is best described ''able to be believed or trusted '' ?
a) bias
b) inherent
c) credible
d) tempt

The alteration ______ much controversy.
a) provoked
b) scrutinized
c) documents
d) concocted

Which word is best described '' reasonable and acceptable'' ?
a) alteration
b) legitimate
c) inherent
d) Credible

People have no idea how much ______ is going on.
a) practitioners
b) credible
c) ethical
d) alteration

What makes the fictionalizing images become tempting?
a) Photo app
b) New graphics software program
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

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