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The Charters of the Virginia Company of London established –
a) the concept of “one man, one vote”.
b) equality under the law.
c) the first representative government in the colonies.
d) the rights of the colonists as English citizens.

The first form of national government for the colonies was the −
a) Magna Carta.
b) Declaration of Independence.
c) Articles of Confederation.
d) Constitution of the United States.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry… - This quote is part of which document?
a) Bill of Rights
b) Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Preamble of the Constitution

All are characteristics of the Articles of Confederation except –
a) give each state one vote.
b) allow each state to remain independent from the other states.
c) collect taxes from the central government.
d) give states the power to enforce laws.

The Virginia Declaration of Rights was used as a model for the –
a) Preamble to the Constitution.
b) Magna Carta.
c) Bill of Rights.
d) Articles of Confederation.

Senator Joe Smith was fined for speeding. Which fundamental political principle applies in this situation?
a) Rule of law
b) Consent of the governed
c) Representative government
d) Limited government

Which fundamental political principle could be added to this list? Consent of the Governed, Rule of Law, Democracy, and __________________
a) Rights of the Governed
b) Limited Government
c) Unalienable Rights
d) Monarchy Government

'In our system of government the people rule' - Which fundamental political principle does this illustrate?
a) Representative government
b) Limited government
c) Rule of law
d) Democracy

Which is a fundamental political principle of democracy?
a) Travel to other countries
b) Rule by divine right
c) Ownership of land
d) Consent of the governed

Which fundamental political principle is missing from this list? Limited government, Rule of Law, Consent of the governed, Democracy, _________________
a) Representative government
b) Checks and balances
c) Separation of powers
d) Executive powers

A basic principle of our political system is the “rule of law”. This means that −
a) laws can never be changed.
b) citizens choose which laws they obey.
c) laws are applied equally to all.
d) only laws written by the federal government can be followed.

Which document stated the grievances against the king of Great Britain?
a) Charters of the Virginia Company of London
b) United States Constitution
c) Virginia Declaration of Rights
d) Declaration of Independence

The Bill of Rights is important because it–
a) guarantees certain rights and freedoms to citizens.
b) created a strong government.
c) created a weak government.
d) was part of the Articles of Confederation.

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