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A negative reaction to food that does not involve the immune system
a) Food intolerance
b) Food allergy
c) Pasteurization
d) Cross contamination

How many calories would 1 gram of carbs, 1 gram of protein, and 1 gram of fat be?
a) 3 calories
b) 12 calories
c) 17 calories
d) 27 calories

Diets that are high in sugar can lead to
a) Obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay
b) Heart attacks, lung cancer, and liver disease
c) Malnutrition, osteoporosis, and heart disease
d) None of the above

Sodium can be detrimental to you health because it can cause
a) High cholesterol
b) High calorie diet
c) Low blood pressure
d) High blood pressure

Which is not an example of a nutrient dense food?
a) Carrot, broccoli, and garlic
b) Salmon, kale, and cauliflower
c) Blueberry, avocado, and strawberry
d) Ruffle chips, goldfish, and diet coke

When eating out what is NOT a good tip to make healthful food choices?
a) Watch portion sizes
b) Add fresh fruits and vegetables
c) Go easy on the toppings
d) None of the above

What are the four basic steps for keeping food safe?
a) Foodborne illness, pasteurization, cross-contamination, and food allergy
b) Frequency, intensity, time, and type
c) Clean, separate, cook, and chill
d) Sell by date, expiration date, freshness date, and pack dates

A serving size of meat is the size of
a) An apple
b) Your palm
c) Thumb tip
d) Thumb

What is the correct serving size for potato chips?
a) 1 handful
b) 2 handfuls
c) 3 handfuls
d) 4 handfuls

What are examples of cutting serving sizes?
a) Using smaller bowls and plates
b) Putting your chips in a bowl rather than eat of the bag
c) Being educated about serving sizes
d) All of the above

Eating disorders are classified as mental illnesses that are linked to low self esteem, depression, and troubled relationships.
a) True
b) False

Miracle foods, magic combinations, liquid diets, diet pills, and fasting are examples of what?
a) Eating disorders
b) Fad diets
c) Healthy weight loss plans
d) Cool diets

Dehydration, damaged teeth, damage to stomach/esophagus, and normally eat large meals would be symptoms of which eating disorder?
a) Bulimia
b) Anorexia
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above

Malnutrition, starvation, and an obsession of being thin are symptoms of which eating disorder?
a) Bulimia
b) Binge eating
c) Anorexia
d) None of the above

A repeated pattern of losing and regaining body weight
a) Binge eating
b) Bulimia
c) Weight cycling
d) All of the above

Weight loss plans that tends to be popular for only a short time
a) Fad diets
b) Weight cycling
c) Aneroxia
d) Bulimia

Food poisining
a) Food intolerance
b) Foodborne illness
c) Cross contamination
d) Food allergy

The spreading of bacteria or other pathogens from one food to another
a) Cross contamination
b) Pasteurization
c) Blow torching
d) Clean and separate

The process of treating a substance with heat to destroy or slow the growth of pathogens.
a) Handshakes
b) Disease
c) Cross contamination
d) Pasteurization

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