Verb Tense Fun Question Preview (ID: 41844)

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.3.1.E Form And Use The Simple (e.g., I Walked; I Walk; I Will Walk) Verb Tenses.

Liz _____ hello when she saw her friend.
a) saying
b) say
c) said
d) says

I am ______ milk.
a) drink
b) drank
c) drunk
d) drinking

Tom _____ off his bike.
a) fall
b) fell
c) falling
d) fallen

l ______ a apple.
a) eats
b) eating
c) ate
d) eaten

Ben will ______ every morning.
a) sing
b) sang
c) singing
d) sings

Today I am ______ for my trip.
a) left
b) leaving
c) leave
d) will leave

Allie can _______ the drums really well.
a) played
b) play
c) plays
d) playing

Yesterday I _____ to the store.
a) walked
b) am walking
c) will walk
d) walk

Annie _____ at the store last night.
a) was
b) is
c) will be
d) be

I _____ up from my dream.
a) wake
b) woken
c) woke
d) waking

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