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Ethanol and ethanoic acid provide a test for each other because
a) with the addition of a few drops of concentrated sulfuric acid they produce a sweet smelling ester
b) Not sure
c) What was the compound again?
d) What is ethanol?

When describing a test
a) always give the colour before and after the change.
b) don't worry about it
c) Really?
d) Do I have to write something?

The test for unsaturated compounds such as an alkene is:
a) Add HCl
b) Add NaOH
c) Add bromine water
d) There is a test?

Methods of collecting gases are:
a) Downward delivery is used to collect gases that are denser than air
b) Upward delivery is used for gases that are less dense than air
c) Collection over water is used for gases that are not very soluble in water
d) All of the above plus Collection in a gas syring is useful when the volume of gas needs to be measured

The commenest drying agents are:
a) Concentrated sulfuric acid - is used to dry all gases except ammonia
b) Anhydrous calcium chloride is udes for all gases except ammonia, which forms a complex with calcium chloride e
c) Calcium oxide is used to dry ammonia and neutral gases
d) all of the above

Chromatography is used to:
a) separate coloured substances
b) separate both coloured and uncoloured substances with the use of a locating agent once the chromatogram has been produced
c) Not sure
d) add bromine water

If you are asked for a chemical test for water:
a) Test the boiling point
b) See if it is wet
c) Use CoCl or CuSO4 - while these tests will tell you if water is present they will not tell you if it is pure the BP will
d) Not sure

If you add NaOH to Iron(III) it will form what coloured precipitate?
a) Light blue
b) Brown
c) Green
d) Grey-green

If you add NaOH to Cu2+ it will form what coloured precipitate?
a) Light blue
b) Green
c) Grey-green
d) Brown

If you add NaOH to Cr3+ it will form what coloured precipitate?
a) Grey-green
b) Blue
c) Brown
d) Light blue

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