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Which lists products in the order in which they will be produced, starting closest to the market according to von Thunen's Model?
a) dairy cattle, forest, grain, beef cattle,
b) dairy cattle, beef cattle, forest
c) tomatoes, grain, forest, beef cattle
d) forest, tomatoes, beef cattle, dairy cattl

Which aspect of von Thunen's Model has changed as a result of developments in transportation?
a) the market is no longer in the center
b) the width of the rings has decreased
c) the width of the rings has increased
d) the model now includes a ring for transportatio

Which commodity would be found farthest to the market town in von Thunen’s model?
a) beef and veal
b) coal and ores
c) milk and cheese
d) firewood

Which commodity would be found closest to the market town in von Thunen’s model?
a) beef
b) firewood
c) wheat
d) milk

Von Thunen’s model can best be used to explain the location of which of the following types of agriculture?
a) Intensive subsistence Rice farming in Asia
b) Ranching in the dry lands of North America
c) Shifting cultivation in the tropics of South America
d) Dairying in the Northeast United States

In von Thunen’s model there was a concentric circle of forest around the city because
a) it would filter out pollution.
b) it would provide lumber and firewood.
c) it would contain the growth of the city.
d) it provided a recreation area.

In modifying the Von Thunen model. What ring is no longer necessary in its original place due to the invention of electricity?
a) Grain- no fallow
b) Grain fallow
c) Livestock and grazing
d) Perishables

According to von Thunen, the regional geography of agriculture is determined by
a) land area
b) rent
c) climate
d) availiable material inputs

According to Von Thunen, market- oriented gardens and milk producers were located in the first ring for all but which of the following reasons
a) quality of soil
b) delivery cost
c) proximity to market
d) consumer demand

According to von Thunen's model, a commercial farmer is concerned with which of these costs? price of land
a) price of land
b) cost of transporting output to market
c) value of yield per hectare
d) all of the above are considered

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