Unit 6: Slavery And Emancipation Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 41823)

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Which crop was most important to the South’s economy? 
a) tobacco
b) food crops
c) indigo 
d) cotton

What was the bloodiest battle ever fought in North America?
a) Antietam
b) Gettysburg 
c) Vicksburg
d) Shiloh

What effect did the Emancipation Proclamation have on the Union army?
a) Thousands of free African Americans joined the army and navy
b) Many Union soldiers gave up and headed home.
c) Women were allowed to enlist in the Union army.
d) African Americans were now free to join the Confederate army. 

Lincoln said the best way to honor the soldiers who died was to ___________________.
a) build a large monument 
b) write a play about them
c) continue their work 
d) end the war right away

What were General Grant’s main goals for the Union Army?
a) find General Sherman and join his troops
b) destroy Lee's army and capture Richmond 
c) move troops north and fight in Arkansas
d) move troops east and destroy Alabama 

What was the outcome of Sherman’s March?
a) the South won the war
b) no property was destroyed 
c) the South's fighting spirit was broken 
d) troops marched in Alabama 

Where did Lee surrender to Grant?
a) Savannah, Georgia 
b) Richmond, Virginia 
c) Appomattax, Virginia 
d) Washington, D. C. 

What did the Freedmen’s Bureau do?
a) helped African Americans campaign for political office
b) provided free transportation to the Western territories 
c) provided food, shelter, jobs and medical care for African Americans and whites 
d) created farming communities for farmer and plantation owners

What did Southerners call Northerners who moved to the South to start businesses after the Civil War?
a) carpetbaggers
b) sharecroppers 
c) Freedmen's Bureau
d) Yankee Doodles

Which of the following groups formed to prevent African Americans from gaining equal rights?
a) Freedman's Bureau
b) sharecroppers 
c) The Jim Crow Society 
d) the Ku Klux Klan 

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