Unit 5 Week 1 Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 41821)

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How did Daedalus and Icarus escape from the tower?
a) They devised an escape plan with Talus
b) They climbed down a rope of feathers
c) They made wings and flew from the tower
d) They flew on a large bird that was resting on a window ledge.

Who did Ariadne and Icarus ask to help with their plan?
a) Minotaur
b) Theseus
c) Poseidon
d) Daedalus

Why did Theseus go to Crete
a) kill minotaur
b) rescue Princess Ariadne
c) Find his father
d) To meet the famous inventor

Theseus was sad when he returned to Athens
a) Ariadne did not marry him
b) No one celebrated his victory
c) His father had died
d) He forgot to raise the white flag

a) not changeable
b) disloyal
c) unwavering
d) truthful

Theseus and Heracles were different by:
a) Theseus was a god- Heracles was a human.
b) Theseus's father was a god-Heracles father was not
c) Theseus was clever and quick- Heracles was strong
d) Heracles was clever and strong - Theseus was strong

Opposite of somber
a) truthful
b) thoughtful
c) disloyal
d) uplifting

oblivious means
a) unaware
b) depressed
c) concerned
d) caring

Which word means valiant
a) courageous
b) resting
c) beautiful
d) depressed

the opposite of deception
a) burden
b) betray
c) honesty
d) obligation

exploits are
a) skills
b) a type of bomb
c) being rude
d) notable deeds

Audacity means
a) clarity marked by understanding
b) daring- confident or arrogant
c) important thought
d) freightened

Desolate means
a) honesty
b) betrayed
c) needed
d) deserted

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