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Which of these compounds is an Arrhenius acid?
a) NaOH
b) HCl
c) NH3
d) H2

What is the pH of a .3M solution of HCl?
a) 1
b) .532
c) .523
d) .497

What is the pH of a .7M solution of NaOH?
a) 13.85
b) 13.99
c) 14.03
d) 13.53

Which of these acids is the weakest?
a) HCl
b) HBr
c) HF
d) HNO3

Which of these bases is the strongest?
a) NH3
b) HONH2
c) HOBr
d) NaOH

Which of the following salts becomes the most basic when dissolved in water?
a) NH4ClO4
b) Li2CO3
c) NaCl
d) KI

All of these are strong bases EXCEPT:
a) Mg(OH)2
b) CsOH
c) Ba(OH)2
d) RbOH

What is the pH of a 1M solution of HF?
a) 1.54
b) 1.62
c) 1.65
d) 1.57

Identify the correct acid/conjugate base pair
a) NH3/NH4+
b) Na+/Br-
c) HCl/Cl-
d) H2O/H2O2

What is a Lewis base?
a) A compound which contains an H+ ion
b) A compound that accepts an electron pair
c) A compound that donates an electron pair
d) A compound that donates an H+ ion

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