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What is a consumer?
a) someone who uses goods and services
b) someone who makes goods
c) someone who provides a service
d) a person who only saves money

Which of these would be a good investment?
a) buying a home
b) buying the latest video game
c) buying a new hat for the baseball game
d) buying a large pizza for all the kids in you neighborhood

Who is considered the Father of Our Country?
a) George Washington
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Betsy Ross
d) Martin Luther King Jr.

When is America's birthday?
a) July 4, 1776
b) October 12, 1776
c) December 25, 1996
d) January 1, 1790

Bus drivers, police officers, and nurses are all.......
a) service workers
b) reparimen
c) producers
d) renters

Latitude and longitude are measured in ......
a) degrees
b) miles
c) kilometers
d) pounds

Americans beleive that everyone should have......
a) life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
b) a candy bar each day.
c) a vacation each summer.
d) a dog and cat for pets.

What does a star on a map usually stand for?
a) capital of a state or country
b) a place where movies are made
c) the place where a treasure is buried
d) all the big towns and cities

What document did Thomas Jefferson write that gave American freedom from England?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) the Consitution
c) the Bill of Rights
d) the Bible

Who worked to get equal rights for all people?
a) Martin Luther King Jr.
b) George Washington Carver
c) Betsy Ross
d) Orville and Wilbur Wright

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