Unit 5: Subway Superman Question Preview (ID: 41777)

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genuine or justifiable
a) legitimate
b) fair
c) lethal
d) guady

to move with great speed; to rush violently
a) dead
b) hurtle
c) legitimate
d) lethal

honor or respect shown publicly
a) acrid
b) deceased
c) homage
d) hurtle

very dirty; covered with dirt or soot
a) homage
b) grimy
c) deceased
d) bystander

greatest; highest; farthest
a) magnitude
b) stodgy
c) utmost
d) lethal

a) alive
b) deceased
c) downright
d) bystander

a) downright
b) deceased
c) dead
d) entire

a person killed or injured in a war or accident
a) bystander
b) astute
c) deceased
d) casualty

one who looks on or observes; a person present but not taking part
a) mr.krabbs
b) astute
c) bystander
d) casualty

smart and perceptive
a) bystander
b) astute
c) casualty
d) i don't know

unknown or unnamed
a) chicken
b) astute
c) acrid
d) anonymous

to scold or warn against something
a) admonish
b) i don't know
c) anonymous
d) astute

causing death or made to cause death
a) magnitude
b) bystander
c) lethal
d) fatal

the great size or importance of something
a) magnitude
b) acrid
c) potential
d) stodgy

heavy, dull or boring; old-fashioned
a) stodgy
b) utmost
c) lavish
d) peevish

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