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the ideas of the Enlightenment philosophers were based on
a) efforts on achieve salvation
b) faith in human reason
c) traditional practices
d) the inevitability of poverty

Toussaint L’Ouverture and José de San Martín are leaders best known for
a) leading independence movements
b) supporting religious reforms
c) promoting civil disobedience
d) opposing democracy

Which course of action does the theory of laissez-faire suggest a government should follow?
a) providing help for people in need
b) establishing businesses to create jobs
c) letting natural laws regulate the economy
d) controlling the mineral resources of a country

One effect of the British landlord system in Ireland in the mid-1800s and in India in the early 1900s was that these landlord systems
a) contributed to famine and suffering
b) allowed local economies to prosper
c) emphasized food crops over mining
d) led to an agrarian revolution

During World War I, developments in military technology led to
a) an early victory by the Allied powers
b) the establishment of industrial capitalism
c) the use of poisonous gas and submarine attacks
d) an increase in ethnic tension in western Europe

One major reason the League of Nations failed was that it
a) was not included in the Versailles Treaty
b) was controlled by communist Russia
c) frightened many nations with its large military force
d) lacked the support of many of the major world powers during crises

Which geographic characteristic of Japan most influenced its decision to engage in imperialism in the early to mid-20th century?
a) mountainous terrain
b) lack of natural resources
c) abundance of rivers
d) island location

Which condition was a result of Joseph Stalin’s command economy?
a) Peasants were encouraged to sell surplus grain for personal profit.
b) The production of consumer goods increased.
c) National revenue increased allowing for greater individual spending
d) The government controlled agriculture through collective farms.

After World War I, the rise of Benito Mussolini in Italy and the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany are most closely associated with
a) the development of fascism
b) the desire for containment
c) an emphasis on democratic traditions
d) a return to conservative religious practices

What was a major reason the Soviet Union established satellite states in Eastern Europe after World War II?
a) developing better trade relations with the West
b) creating a buffer zone against future invasions
c) participating in United Nations peacekeeping missions
d) controlling the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” and “Peace, Land, and Bread” are slogans used by revolutionaries to represent
a) frameworks for economic stability
b) political and economic ideals
c) plans for maintaining the social hierarchy
d) methods of political reform

One way in which the rule of Peter the Great in Russia and the rule of Emperor Meiji in Japan are similar is that both leaders
a) emancipated serfs
b) granted equality to women
c) encouraged modernization
d) ruled according to a constitution

One purpose of the Nuremberg Trials was to
a) address human rights abuses
b) support the establishment of democratic governments
c) establish free trade zones throughout the world
d) provide encouragement to people behind the Iron Curtain

Which factor aided the Russians in defeating Napoleon’s troops?
a) naval blockades
b) telegraph systems
c) blitzkrieg tactics
d) harsh climatic conditions

The primary goal of the Boxer Rebellion was to
a) end foreign influence in China
b) introduce Marxism to East Asia
c) increase the importation of opium into China
d) reverse reforms enacted by Sun Yixian (Sun Yat-sen)

Kemal Atatürk is best known for helping Turkey become
a) a communist country allied with the Soviet Union
b) an imperialist power in Africa and Asia
c) a modern and secular state
d) a theocratic country with laws based on the Qur’an (Koran)

The French Revolution was a reaction to the
a) defeat in and humiliation of the Franco-Prussian War
b) influence of and privileges granted to the First and Second Estates
c) increasing confrontations between Catholics and Protestants
d) conflict between competing branches of the French royal family

Which type of government is characterized by extreme nationalism, censorship, militarism, and dictatorship?
a) constitutional confederation
b) direct democracy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) fascist state

Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, and Karl Marx are best known for their
a) religious reforms
b) economic theories
c) peacekeeping efforts
d) military leadership

Which areas were separated by the Iron Curtain?
a) Europe from Asia
b) Iberian Peninsula from Northern Europe
c) Europe from the Middle East
d) Eastern Europe from Western Europe

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